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Plated Dinner Service

Plated Dinner Service

When you opt for a "Dinner Plated" service, you're selecting a style of dining where each guest receives an individual plate of food. The components of this service can differ depending on your specific event, venue, and menu preferences.


What is included: 


1. **Table Setting:** Expect a well-set table with all the essentials, including flatware, glassware, and china or porcelain plates. Depending on the formality of your event, you may also find napkins, tablecloths, and centerpieces as part of the table setting.


2. **Wait Staff Service:** A team of professional waitstaff will be on hand to ensure that your dining experience goes smoothly. They will serve your chosen meal and attend to your needs throughout the event.


*Meal not included.


ADD-ON Services


Add these on for an additional fee:


  • Add Custom Design Printed Menu: Depending on your event or restaurant, you may have the option to customize your menu by selecting dishes in advance from a predetermined menu. We'll print menus and put one on each guest's plate. 


  • Add your Guest Names to your Printed Menu: We'll print menus with guest names and put one on each guest's plate. 


If you decide on a "Dinner Plated" service for your event, it's essential to have a discussion with the catering and our event planning team to ensure that the arrangements align with your expectations and meet your unique requirements.


  • How to book this service

    To book this service, please follow these instructions:

    1. Choose the number of plates per guest at checkout.

    2. Share the following information with us:

       - Guest count (estimate)

       - Event location

       - Date and time

       - Your mobile number for verification of event details

    3. Select any additional services you require, such as:

       - Custom printed menus

       - Adding names to the menus (we will request the guest list after registration via email)

       - Select "No printed menu" if you do not wish to purchase menus with your Dinner plated service

    4. After placing your order, we will call to verify your details within 24 hours.

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